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Chain Reaction Machines:
Build-It-Yourself is looking for some hot shot engineers to build a CDC "Candy Delivery Contraption." This is an important mission. A world without candy would be a very dull place!

You can earn a ton of money and get a monumental belly-ache from all the candy you can eat! Join our team!

The Problem:
There are a ton of big messes that the next generation of builders must fix. Wicked wars, dasterdly diseases, evolution of polution, economic melt-downs and not enough candy.  It will take great teamwork to fix these messes.  

But, some people do not like to work on teams.

The Mission:
Build a Chain Reaction Contraption that demonstrates teamwork to do something really important.
At the end of the chain reaction, the contraption must display a joke or make music or squirt water or throw candy or do something really important.

Research Videos:

Japanese Chain Reaction Machines

Honda Ad

Build-It-Yourself Bumper Machine


Super Powers You Will Acquire:
  Power Point Guru
  Problem Solver
  Modular Builder
  Team Player
  Connoisseur or Tasty Treats

You'll Need:
  Project Introduction PPT
  Lesson Plan XLS
  BIY Inventor's Box
  Premium Quality Junk

Hall of Fame:
This Candy Delivery Machine was built by Salvador from Xalapa, Mexico. Salvador added many cool critters along the spillway and his graffiti signs rock!

Watch it in action.

Hall of Fame:
Ben's Candy Delivery Machine is masterfully built. It meets our rigorous quality assurance measure: 9 successes out of 10 tries.

Watch it in action.

Hall of Fame:
The Swizzorblotz Machine was made by a school in Jamaica Plain. When in the Build-It-Yourself Laboratory, if you say, "I can't" you will get Swizzorblotz'd!

Check this video out.
Build-It-Yourself Swizzorblotz Machine

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