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Flying Machines Overview:
Build-It-Yourself is recruiting a few smart builders to be part of an advanced aero-space development team.

Since the beginning of time, humans have dreamed about flying or getting from one place to another faster than anyone else.

Mission Introduction Video

The Problem:
Traveling in today's flying machines is expensive and time consuming. 

The Mission:
Your mission is to design, build and test a next-generation, cool-looking flying machine that could get you to school in 1 minute.

Think of all the extra computer game time you would have if it only took you a minute to get to and from school!



Super Powers You Will Acquire:
 Power Point Guru
 Problem Solver
 Master of Presentations
 Creative, Modular Builder of
     - Paper airplanes
     - Gliders
     - Air-powered rockets
     - Space ships of the future
 Aeronautical Physicist


You'll Need:
Project Introduction PPT
X-101 Paper Airplane Plans
X-102 Glider Plans
X-103 Straw Rocket Plans
X-104 Air Rocket Plans
Lesson Plan XLS
Materials Needed TXT
  Premium Quality Junk

Hall of Fame:
Paper airplane

Hall of Fame:

Click to see it in action.

Hall of Fame:
Air powered rocket

Click to see it in action.

Hall of Fame:
Air powered glider
Hall of Fame:
Next generation space ship

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