John, Chief Engineer, Build-It-Yourself
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Alarm Clock:
Built an alarm clock to wake up for an 8am solid state physics class.  It opened with soft music, then tickled with a feather, then rang a bell.  If that didn't do the trick, a critter swooped down from the ceiling with a cup full of cold water.

Lunar Excursion Module:
Worked at Grumman Aircraft Company in the LEM Microelectronics Lab as a summer intern.  It was a lab that had all the 'Right Stuff.'

SAM D Missile System:
Built the radar display system logic at Raytheon.  First job out of school.  This missile system was a big bad boy toy.

Submarine Detection System:
This mean machine can be quite difficult to track.  We built a helicopter-borne system that measured the ionization of water droplets above a submarine.

Electronic Game Board System:
US Patent 3654392
An automated electronic system for the remote communication and display of chess or other board game moves in real time via a voice-grade telephone line.

Electronic Drawing Boards:
GE Genigraphics built a $500,000 electronic drawing board.  35mm Express was a $300 software program that was equally productive.  These drawing boards were forerunners of Freelance and PowerPoint.

Remote Control Model Boat Fleet:
Built a fleet of RC boats and sailed them around the US and Europe.

Drawing caricatures in blues saloons:
You can find the most soulful looking people hanging out at the Cantab.

specs | projects | adventures | music | education | resume