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Stock Room
(sample parts and tools used over the years)
LEGO Mindstorms RCX with USB Tower
needs (6) AA batteries
LEGO Education (Team Challenge Set with USB)
$199 (does not include Robolab software)

LEGO Robolab Software
R/C  8" Nikko Octane Chassis - needs (4) AA and (1) 9V batteries
Hobbytron Catalog #N-200040B
R/C 3" Micro Chassis with rechargeable batteries - needs (1) 9V battery
Tower Hobbies Catalog #LXDRF6
R/C Boat Hull with rechargeable battery - needs (1) 9V battery
KB Toys Catalog #116733
R/C Battery Pack 9.6V and Charger
Radio Shack Catalog #23-342
Water Pump - can be powered by 3V or LEGO Mindstorms programmable brick
Edmond Scientific's Catalog #3050345
Walkie Talkie - needs (2) 9V batteries
Kmart Catalog #1064324
  Tools (Basic tool set in RED)  
(sample parts and tools used over the years)
Glue Gun
Home Depot Catalog #824193
Phillips Screw Driver
Home Depot Catalog #678076
Mini screw drivers - 6-piece Combo Set
Radio Shack Catalog #64-1959
Cordless Reversible Screwdriver with Bit Set
Radio Shack Catalog #64-2901
Hand Drill Handle
Home Depot Catalog #172960
Drill Bits
Home Depot Catalog #642116
Fiskars Hand Drill
Do It Best Catalog #300233
Dremel 2-Speed Cordless Mini Moto-Tool
True Value Catalog #000775361
Long-Nose 4-3/4" Mini Pliers
Radio Shack Catalog #64-2033
3-piece "C" Clamp Set
True Value Catalog #000708297
Handi Hacksaw
True Value Catalog #000208793
True Value Catalog #000210005
Safety Eye Glasses
True Value Catalog #000743523
Tool Box
True Value Catalog #000486673
(sample parts and tools used over the years)
UL Recognized Hookup Wire 22 AWG 
Radio Shack Catalog #278-1221
Bass Wood 24"x3"x1/4" package of 10 pieces
Utrecht Art Supplies Catalog #36736
  Build-It-Yourself Junk Box
Foam rubber sheets, connector wire, pipe cleaners, 1", 1-1/4", 2" sheet rock screws, 1/2", 3/4" #4 sheet metal screws, bass wood, coffee stirrer sticks,  feathers, nuts, cloth, string, ribbon, beads, glue sticks, colored pencils, black marker pen.
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