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Build-It-Yourself has developed a playful, after-school enrichment program, inspired by research at the MIT Media Lab, that teaches kids (8-18) to use technology constructively in a unique global laboratory. State-of-the-art Internet tools are used to deliver a consistent, high-quality, high-value educational experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional instruction.

Build-It-Yourself seeks corporate partners who can bring its program to 24 million+ kids in the after-school and at-home markets.








The Challenge:
The next generation of leaders and builders must use complex technology to solve some very tough problems.

The Mission:

Develop content and supporting platforms that prepare students to use technology to resolve or better understand important social issues in a playful, engaging way.

The Results:

The Build-It-Yourself program develops 21st century skills including problem solving skills, entrepreneurship, technical skills, presentation skills  and teamwork. 

Juniors at an inner city school present their solution to the challenge ... build a mechanical simulation of what happens in your body when you drink beer.

Students who have participated in the Build-It-Yourself program have enrolled at some of the best schools in the country including MIT, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Milton, Phillips Andover and Choate.


  1. Present a series of projects that inspires boys and girls to build.

  2. Offer functional building blocks that enable students to build complex, engaging solutions quickly.

  3. Enable students and parents to collaborate with Build-It-Yourself artists, engineers, and computer programmers.

  4. Generate revenue from membership fees, advertising and electronic commerce of tools, parts and supplies by developing a passionate, active, online community of builders.

  5. Partner with publishers, distributors and manufacturers to bring the Build-It-Yourself program to a global market.

Features and Benefits:

  1. The Build-It-Yourself robotics program appeals to a broad range of boys and girls because it applies technology to a broad range of kids' interests and social issues in a playful way.

  2. Members can execute complex, creative ideas quickly because the Build-It-Yourself database of construction modules encourages kids to break down solutions into simple, reusable, functional building blocks.

  3. Experienced, inspiring, Build-It-Yourself specialists, (many from MIT, Harvard, Mass Art and Cornell) collaborate with kids, parents and teachers via live Webcasts.

  4. The Build-It-Yourself program focuses on the presentation of ideas as much as on the execution of ideas. The result ... kids build confidence because their projects win positive feedback.

  5. Invention Universe enables members to show off projects and to collaborate with builders from around the world.

  6. Members can develop a resume and portfolio of projects that may advance their college applications.

  7. Members can earn money when they qualify for intern positions.

  8. Corporate partners gain new, life-long customers and associate their products with a popular, highly valued program.

  9. The Build-It-Yourself program generates multiple, recurring revenue streams, including membership fees, embedded advertising, and e-commerce.

The Team:

A team of engineers, artists, educators, students and business developers (primarily from the MIT/Harvard/Cornell/Mass Art communities) have made valuable contributions to Build-It-Yourself.


Over 2,000 students have attended an average of 15 hours of Build-It-Yourself after-school workshops generating revenue of more than $450K.  These students have paid between $8-$20 per hour.  More than 80% of revenue is from repeat customers.

The goal is to build a community of 300,000+ at-home members @ $10/month. (Similar to a multiplayer gaming, Club Penguin, and Make Magazine communities.)

Reference Programs:

- Colegio Las Hayas, Veracruz, Mexico
- Greater Lawrence Technical School, Andover, MA
- Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA
- The Chenery School, Brookline, MA
- La Mesa School District, La Mesa, CA 
- Buckingham, Browne & Nichols, Cambridge, MA
- The Pierce School, Brookline, MA
- The Lawrence School, Brookline, MA 
- The Concord Academy, Concord, MA
- Riverside Middle School, Riverside, RI
- Jamestown School, Jamestown, RI
- Cranston Middle School, Cranston, RI
- Renbrook School, West Hartford, CT
- The Runkle School, Brookline, MA
- The Winn Brook School, Belmont, MA
- Meadowbrook School, Weston, MA
- Camp Gan Israel, Hartford, CT
- The Solomon Schechter School, Brookline, MA
- After-school program for Microsoft employees,  Bellevue, WA
- Kingsley Montessori School, Boston, MA
- Cambridge Montessori School, Cambridge, MA
- Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA
- Fayerweather School, Cambridge, MA

Build-It-Yourself seeks corporate partners who can help bring
our popular, computer-aided teaching program to a global market.

Please contact John Galinato at:

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