We're looking for some hot shot builders to join our crew of inventors.

Imagine having weekly access to a global laboratory where your building buddies from around the world are gathering to bounce their ideas and progress off each other, all under the live guidance of a top notch university mentor or two. And do all this without asking mom or dad for a ride!

Sign on to BIY's crew as a Rookie Builder and you'll

-Attend weekly live Webcast workshops after school or on weekends

-Embark on a new 8-week mission each session

-Get access to all Build-It-Yourself plans, tips and tricks

-Post a portfolio of your projects on your own planet on Invention Universe

No special computer equipment is needed besides a webcam and microphone. If you can Skype, you can use our multi-user Webcast platform.

We offer several Membership Plans and payment options for girls, boys, cyborgs, and aliens - ages 8 thru 13. And WannaBe Builders can attend their first Webcast on us - simply by filling out our free registration form.