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Set Up Your Laboratory
Saturday, at 8PM - 9PM China | 7AM - 8AM EST
January 27, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Fee: $0 USD (Trial for Spacebot Customers)
$79 USD
Mission Details

Hi, MU SpaceBot user, Thank you for purchasing the MU SpaceBot kit. Please click on the 'JOIN' button and add your promo code "SpaceBot" to take advantage of free webcast meetings. We will help you set up a SpaceBot Laboratory.

Fill a box full of premium quality junk so you'll have the proper stuff for building. Check out the Stock Room for parts, tools and supplies. Build a machine that greets visitors. Make a brainstorm bonnet and decorate your lab jacket. Then hang a "shingle" on your door so everyone will know you're open for business.

Click here for more details.

Level up your skills!
Graffiti Art | Power Point Guru | Creative Brainstormer | Junk Collector

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