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Join Instructions
  1. Go to
    (Same as clicking "Join Meeting" link above)
  2. Allow extension/plugin to install. If already installed allow it to run once prompted.
  3. Type your first name (email not required)
  4. Click on 'Join'
  5. In the Audio Conference pop up window, select 'Use Computer for Audio'
  6. Click on 'Call Using Computer'  (Green => Red)
There is an 'Audio Wizard' that may help identify and select your mic and speaker.
Disconnect from Computer Audio.  (Turn Red back to Green)
Select 'Audio' on the top menu bar, and then select 'Computer Set up for Audio.'
Host Meeting
Instructions to Host:
Download Instructions PDF
  1. Go to zoom.us/signin
  2. Enter account info (see below)
  3. Click "My Meetings" (left side of screen)
  4. Click on "Personal Meeting Room"
  5. Start the meeting
Account Logins:

Room 1
  • UID: support@build-it-yourself.com
    PWD: RobotSushi1
  • Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/7030709799

Room 2
  • UID: biysupport@gmail.com
    PWD: RobotSushi1
  • Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/9865053711
  • Join PWD: 5678

Room 3 (Free Account - 45 Minute Limit)
  • UID: info@build-it-yourself.com
    PWD: RobotSushi1
  • URL will vary.
Set Up Google Hangout Rooms
Mobile Device Instructions
  1. Download the App for Android
    Download the App for IPhone
  2. Once the app is installed, continue to the "Join Meeting" link above
  3. Select the meeting you would like to join
  4. When prompted to enter your name and password
    Password: RobotSushi1 (Capital R and S)
Tips & Tricks
WebEx Tips & Tricks:
  1. Check Your Internet Speed: Click here to check your internet speed Minimum Upload/Download speed is 1.2 Mbps/2.0 Mbps
  2. Remote Access: When someone is sharing their desktop you can right click the shared desktop and request control. This allows your keyboard and mouse to remotely control their device.
  3. Regain Control: To regain control over your computer when allowing someone to control your computer, simply click the desktop and you will be in control again.
  4. File Sharing: To share files while in WebEx go to "file" in the top left then choose "transfer". This only works when you are the presenter.
Join Zoom Room #2 Meeting

John Galinato
Masters Electrical Engineering Cornell

Naseem Makiya
Harvard 2008

Liu Huan
MIT 2010
Computer Science
from Shanghai, China

Valeria Roman
Science Journalist at El Clarin
from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seth Mastin
BS Computer Science, MIT
NYU Law School

Lindley Graham
MIT Class of 2010
Aeronautical Engineering

Global Laboratory
Collaborate with builders from around the world

How do you engage kids online?

At Home - Mechanical Garden (Mexico)

At Home - Chain Reaction Machines (China, Bi-lingual)

Webcast workshops (USA)

At School - Robotics (Mexico and China)

At School - Flying Machines (Honduras)

2-way audio
2-way video
White board
Application sharing
Remote control
File sharing

Build-It-Yourself workshop leaders are primarily art and engineering students or recent graduates from well-known universities.

Build-It-Yourself members will gain valuable experience collaborating with colleagues around the world much like they will have to do when they join the work force.

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