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Don't reinvent the wheel! Use modular construction.

Use our proven database of modules to build
engaging, complex projects quickly and easily.

Build-It-Blocks Video

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Premium Quality Junk Modules (Join to view.)

Build crazy contraptions from your premium quality junk collection. Real cheap and real unique!

Art Modules (Join to view.)

If your inventions don't look as cool as they work, they may not get the attention they deserve.

PowerPoint drawing tips, Image manipulation tools, Graffiti, Cartooning, Animation and more.

LEGO Modules (Join to view.)

Build robotic motion modules and sensors from the LEGO NXT and RCX construction systems.

(Functional building blocks)

Programming Modules (Join to view.)

Create way cool computer games, mobile apps, and Websites way fast using this library of subroutines, sprites, and objects.

(Functional blocks of code)

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