Excitement, engagement and plenty of smiling young faces are pretty much guaranteed for any visitor to one of Build-It-Yourself's After-School or Summer Camp Workshops.

Whether it's an 8-10 week Scratch Computer Games programming workshop in the fall, or a 5-day Soapbox Racer session in the summer, BIY's consistent, proven approach makes a Program Director's job easy and are nearly always a sellout.

We offer a wide range of workshops, all based on the BIY library of art, construction, computer programming and robotics Missions. The variety of BIY offerings is enough to allow summer camps to schedule different workshops during each week of the season, encouraging multi-week campers. And all BIY Missions stress the development of presentation skills - great for those parent visitation days at the end of each week/session.

After-School Programs can be conducted on-site in the Boston area or via Webcast - down the street or to far-off continents.

All BIY Workshops are led by our trained and experienced Crew of Workshop Leaders from leading university art and technology programs. All are incentivized to ensure that the children under their charge are safe and engaged in the fun learning activities. We provide all required certifications for the instructors, as well as advance marketing materials to promote your camp's or program's BIY workshop lineup.

Program Directors should note that our Camp and on-site After-School openings are limited and our schedules fill up early and quickly. For further information or to set up a meeting to discuss your needs, contact us at support@build-it-yourself.com as soon as you start your planning activities.