Build-It-Yourself's Rookie Builders and Interns have 24/7 access to Invention Universe - our unique virtual community of builders, designed to help inspire and guide kids to build and become fluent in technology.

Invention Universe combines Facebook and YouTube-like social media and posting features in an interplanetary-themed virtual environment that young builders and inventors can explore and enjoy.

A fun place to share your projects and inventions with peers from around the world, Invention Universe provides a unique opportunity to also collaborate with college student artists and engineers, certified and trained to lead the wide assortment of BIY Missions. IU is also a serious place to build a valuable school resume/portfolio.

Builders will be able to

  • create their own planets
  • upload photos and descriptions of their "physical" projects
  • upload working copies of their game and software projects
  • post bios, resumes and lists of their skill sets
  • visit other builders' planets
  • view, comment on, test and play other builders' projects

And just like that "other" really big universe, Invention Universe will be constantly expanding and evolving - offering more and more fun and challenges to BIY's younger builders, while providing members of our Internship Program a real-world laboratory to develop their higher level software design and programming skills.

IU's architecture also allows for monitoring of daily activity - addressing parents' and BIY's concerns for the Safety and Privacy of our builders. Visitors (with or without centrifuge training) are invited to tour Invention Universe at their leisure.