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A number of engineers, artists, educators, students and business developers
have made valuable contributions to Build-It-Yourself.

John Galinato - Co-founder
Cornell, BS Elec Engr and MEE, 1968
Hobbies: Building, sketching and strumming the guitar
Heroes: Ali, Don Quixote, Popeye
Favorite Quote: "You can't win if you don't bet."
Liu Huan - Partner
MIT, BS, MS Computer Sc / EE, 2011
Hobbies: I love robots!
Home Town: Shanghai, China
Heroes: Yao Ming, Fox Mulder, Richard P. Feynman
Aleksya Aguirre - Business Developer
MIT, BS Mech Engr 2015
USC, MS Product Engr 2017
Hobbies: Singing, drawing, and volleyball
Home Town: El Paso, Texas
Heroes: Link from The Legend of Zelda
Favorite Quote: "The power of imagination makes us INFINITE" Muir
Skills Wanted: Super good dancing skills
Personal Website | BIY Site
Mary Moore - Business Developer
Harvard, PhD Planetary Science 2014
Rutgers, BS Meteorology 2008
Hobbies: Teaching, reading YA, playing in the snow
Home Town: Boston, MA
Heroes: Wilson 'Snowflake' Bentley
Brent Scione - Workshop Leader / Developer
YouTube & Google!
Hobbies: Wrestling, 3D graphics, Web design, Business, Drawing
Home Town: Methuen, MA
Heroes: Akira Toriyama, Japanese artist
Favorite Quote: "Change is the only constant." - Heraclitus
Selene Hewes - Workshop Leader / Developer
McGill, BS Civil Engr 2016
EPFL, MS, Civil Engr 2018
Hobbies: Photography, violin, building things, sailing
Home Town: Ireland
Skills Wanted: Speak many languages. Play many instruments.
Michael Lu - Developer
MIT, BS, EE and CS 2023
Hobbies: Running, Walking (After Too Much Running)
Home Town: Long Island, NY
Heroes: Mom, Dad, and Patrick Star
Skills Wanted: Cooking (well)
Wen Yu - Art Director
San Francisco Academy of Arts, MFA 2015
Boston University, Masters in Arts Administration 2017
Hobbies: See the world/universe, fine art, keep fit
Home Town: Suzhou, China
Heroes: Mom & Dad, Steven Hawking, Mattew Barney, art history professor
Lucian Covarrubias - Workshop Leader / Developer
MIT, BS Computer Sc 2023
Hobbies: Playing guitar, doing ceramics or art, and building Arduino projects
Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Heroes: Nicola Tesla
Skills Wanted: To be able to speed read
Mariana Barradas - Graphic Designer
Veracruz, BA Arch, MS Education
Hobbies: Dancing, Performance, Reading
Home Town: Xalapa, MX
Heroes: Marianela Nuez, Ken Robinson
Favorite Quote: : "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" - Nietzche
Berman Bai - Workshop Leader / Developer
Arizona, BS Computer Sc 2022
Hobbies: Soccer, Music, Computer Games
Home Town: Guangzhou, China
Heroes: Bayern Munich
Sixia Chen - Workshop Leader
Cornell, MS Chem Engr, 2018
Hobbies: Music/movies
Home Town: Xiamen, China
Heroes: "Tomorrow is another day" "three-body problem"
Goal: I could do things following my heart mostly
Wish: The people I love in this world will always be healthy and happy
Steve Yao - Technical Advisor
Northeastern, MS Digital Media, 2013
Hobbies: Soccer, Movies
Heroes: Steve Jobs
Favorite Quote: Technology alone is not enough-it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing. Apple
Sandra Abago - Developer
BS Chem Engr, MIT 2015
MS Material Science, BU
Hobbies: Laughter and Stories
Home Town: Uganda
Goal: Eradicate poverty
Julian Hernandez - Developer / Workshop Leader
MIT, BS Computer Sc 2021
Hobbies: Making games, playing games
Home Town: Florida
Heroes: Jim Henson, Mr. Rogers, Squirrel Girl
Goal: Be a game designer
Favorite Quote: "Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow." Wilde
Yilin Lu - Developer / Workshop Leader
Cornell, BS Computer Sc 2021
Home Town: Shanghai, China
Heroes: Alan Turing
Goal: make beautiful websites
Least Favorite Thing to Do: wait for buses in the rain
Skills Wanted: master the art of hacking!
Jide Nwosu - Developer / Workshop Leader
Cornell, BS Elec Engr + Info Sc 2019
Hobbies: Building, playing basketball, making music
Home Town: Nigeria
Heroes: Kobe Bryant, Barack Obama
Goal: Inspire kids to be builders, and in turn have them inspire me!
Favorite Quote: "It's a magical world Hobbes, ol' buddy... lets go exploring!" - Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes)
Skills Wanted: Speak lots of human and computer languages.
Duoer Jia (DJ) - Developer / Workshop Leader
Cornell, BS CS & Theater 2021
Hobbies: Traveling, tasting all kinds of food, acting
Home Town: Inner Mongolia, China
Least Favorite Thing to Do: Walking bare foot
Skills Wanted: Flying / Eat as much as I want
Will Chou - Platform Developer
Cornell, BS, MS, Computer Science, 2009
Hobbies: breakdancing, volleyball, and computer games
Heroes: My dad
Favorite Quote: "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - Bertrand Russell
Resume , Bboying Video
Andy Gauthier - Project Manager
Cornell, BS, MS Mech Engr, 2013
Hobbies: Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Formula 1
Heroes: Pinky and the brain
Fav Distraction: What if?
Fav Quote: "Almost only counts in horseshoes, darts and hand grenades"
Adia Wallace - Content Developer and Workshop Leader
Harvard GSE, MEd, 2015
Hobbies: Reading, Making 3D things, Online window shopping
Heroes: Mae Jemison, Michael Jordan in "Space Jam," Hayao Miyazaki
Fav Quote: "Want to change the world? There's nothing to it." - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, "Pure Imagination"
Aditi Dugar  - Workshop Leader / Developer
Cornell, BS Mech Engr, 2011
Hobbies: Singing, piano, running
Heroes: Sara Bareilles, Steve Jobs
Favorite Quote: "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." - C.S. Lewis
Stephen Wong  - Workshop Leader / Developer
Cornell, BS Elec Engr, 2011
Hobbies: Building things (working on Parkour'ing)
Heroes: Dad, Steve Jobs, Oda Eiichiro
Yin Liu - Visual Developer
SMFA / Tufts University, MFA Studio Art 2015
Hobbies: Board Games / Adventure (Exploring everything unkown)
Heroes: Nature (Sun, Moon, Stars, Jungle, Ocean, Wind, Snow...)
Skills wanted: Fly / Communicate with any species
Anna Polonyi - Workshop Leader / Writer
Harvard, BA History & Literature, 2010
Hobbies: Photography, making things for other people
Heroes: The Little Prince, Baron Munchausen, Shel Silverstein
Least Favorite Course: Latin
Skills Wanted: Flying
Wenyu Zhang - Platform Development
Purdue, BS Computer Science, 2012
Hobbies: Computers, Robots, Math, Flute and Guitar
Heroes: KITT and Alan Turing
Favorite Quote: "Let's do it the engineer's way!"
Resume | Website
Jamie Mckiernan - Graphic Designer
Mass Art, BFA Animation & Illustration, 2009
Hobbies: Animation, gaming, watching movies from the 40's
Heroes: Bill Watterson, Fred Astaire, Pixar Animation
Favorite Quote: "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." ~ Willy Wonka
Jacob Bredthauer - Platform Developer / Workshop Leader
MIT, BS Math & Computer Science,  2011
Hobbies: MIT a capella group
Heroes: My Parents; Tom Osborne
Favorite TV shows: Lost, 24, Heroes
Lindley Graham - Workshop Leader
MIT, BS Aeronautical Engineering 2010
Hobbies: Reading, hanging out with friends
Heroes: My parents
Xiaofei Fu - Content Development
CCMU, Beijing, BS Pharmaceutical Science, 2010
UMass, MS Chemistry, 2014
Hobbies: Cooking and traveling
Heroes: Taylor Swift

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