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Set Up Your Laboratory

Fill a box full of premium quality junk so you'll have the proper stuff for building.  Check out the Stock Room for parts, tools and supplies.  Build a machine that greets visitors.  Make a brainstorm bonnet and decorate your lab jacket.  Then hang a "shingle" on your door so everyone will know you're open for business.

Soap Box Racers

You gotta be fast.

And you gotta look cool!

Flying Machines

We're looking for some hot shot aeronautical engineers to build the next generation of flying machines.

You will learn the physics of flight in the process of building paper airplanes, sling shot gliders, and compressed air rockets.

Chain Reaction Machines

Build a contraption that will activate a chain reaction of events. Make a ball roll that trigers a pendulum to swing that releases a can of rocks to fall that triggers a series of books to fall.

Finally, throw candy, tell a joke or squirt water.

Catapult Engineering

Ever wanted to chuck a water balloon or pumpkin across the play ground at some unsuspecting bully. Here's your chance without the risk of going to the Principal's Office.

Nature Engineering

"Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

Art of Cooking - Just Desserts

Are you into dessert before Brussel sprouts?


Wanna be an inventor of the next revolutionary widget?
Wanna rule the world or be king of the planet?
Wanna be the most famous, most powerful, or richest dude in the universe?

Remote Control Goblins (Join to view.)

Did your mom ever tell you not to play with your food? You'll need a good collection of funny-looking fruits and veggies, acorns, sea shells, craft supplies and premium quality junk. Then you'll need to dream up some jokes and cartoon story lines. Finally, you've got to make your critter come to life and act out your storyline using a remote control device!

Pirates' Cove (Join to view.)

Build-It-Yourself is recruiting a crew of scallywags and misfits to build a fleet of pirate boats that will search the seas for fat bankers who have too much money!  "Avast ya bloody, nat brain, pigeon gut, lying weasel, double talking politician!  Yer money or yer life."

Friendly Dragons (Join to view.)

You can't judge a dragon by its scales!

Your mission is to design, build and present a dragon that dispels all prejudices against dragons.

The dragon that wins the most friends and fans will be awarded the Build-It-Yourself Peace Prize.

Remote Control Trucks

Messy "no-gooders" are mucking up our earth by creating mountains of yucky garbage. Your mission is to build a fleet of trucks. to help haul away the mess.

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