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Robots that Earn Money

Build-It-Yourself is looking for some hot shot inventors to fix the global economy.

Your mission is to design a machine that creates value, entertains, offers a service, puts people to work, and pays its inventors handsomely!

Max made $27.25 in one day from his candy machine.

Rock n Robots

Music is a universal language. Build-It-Yourself is looking for a few creative souls to build a robot music band. Robots that Boogie Woogie, Hip Hop,


Experimental Theater

Build-It-Yourself is looking for some hot shot artists and engineers to pioneer a new form of contemporary art theater.


Time Machines

The world needs an invention that wakes one up in a civilized way.  It could tickle you, tell you the joke of the day, play a Hip Hop tune and finally, dump a cup of cold water on you.

First LEGO League (FLL) Coaching

Wanna compete in the mother of all robotic competitions? 160,000 kids competed in 2012!

Build-It-Yourself engineers are looking for teams to coach.

Mechanical Garden (Join to view.)

This project was initiated at MIT for a workshop at the Smithsonian Museum. Simulate the sounds and motions of plants and animals in an exotic garden.

Bionic Boozer (Join to view.)

Simulate what happens in your body when you get drunk.  This is a relatively complex  mechanical simulation of the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.

It was developed by Dr. Kim at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and 40 juniors at the Greater Lawrence Technical School.

Political Campaign (Join to view.)

Do politicians make you say, "Arrrrrrrrg!#$?"

Your mission is to design a robot that knows how to make voters happy and can win an election for President of the Wild Things!

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