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3D Graphics

2D games and videos are so last fall. If you want to be a hot shot game designer or animator, you will need to move from the 2D world to the 3D world.

Build-It-Yourself is looking for a few hot shot artists and computer game designers to create knock-your-socks-off 3D computer graphics.

Scratch Cartoon Stories

Build-It-Yourself is looking for hot shot artists, cartoonists and animators to make the world laugh.

Wanted: Minecraft Builders

The world is desperate for a few bright builders and clever architects to become heroes in an epic quest to protect the people of Minecraft. In this mission, builders will work together in teams to build a high-tech fortress of redstone creations to protect the citadel's most precious intelligence. Join the crew now! Learn clever Minecraft tricks from our wizards.

Website Design

Evolve from know-nothing, nat-brain rookies
to incredible Web Designers

Computer Graphics and Animation (Join to view.)

Civilizations are often measured by the art they leave for future generations. If we want to be recognized as a hot shot civilization, some of our art and design needs help!

Your mission is to design digital artifacts, such as screen savers, Web pages, computer game graphics and animated stories that will make future civilizations say, "Wow!" .

Scratch Computer Games (Join to view.)

If you want to be a hot shot game designer, this is a good place to start.

Design graphics for friendly dragons, super heroes and other wacky characters. Lay out fantasy settings. Record outrageous sound effects. Integrate all the components. Test the game with your friends and then post it on the Web for the world to play.

Digital Music (Join to view.)

Do you and your buddies like to dance, sing and make music?

Your mission is to use computer tools to:
1) Develop a rhythm.
2) Build lead riffs.
3) Write lyrics.
4) Create video clips.
5) Program or "mash" your resources.

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