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Who we are:

Build-It-Yourself offers an after-school program for kids 8 - 18 based on technology in education research from the MIT Media Lab. Our mission is to inspire and guide the next generation of builders to use technology creatively and constructively in a unique, on-line, global laboratory - where kids design and build toys, contraptions, websites, computer games and robots.

Build-It-Yourself is an early stage company. We are entering a "proof of execution" phase in which our mission is to grow from 500 to 3000 members.

What we want:

  1. Most members of our contractor team are from Cornell, MIT and Mass Art. We want to build formal relationships with top universities in which we can recruit art and engineering students to lead our online workshops - basically replicating the college TA concept in an on-line approach to after-school enrichment programs.

  2. Our projects drive the sale of LEGO, parts, tools, and supplies. We want to close distribution partnerships with retail outlets and / or fullfillment houses who sell the materials our students need to buy.

  3. We seek partneships with corporations who engage kids in after-school programs and are looking for content and innovative delivery mechanisms.

  4. We seek distribution partnerships with publishers who are looking for high-value, interactive content.

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