The Build-It-Yourself mission is to inspire and guide the next generation of builders to use technology constructively. Mean machines and content that is disrespectful of others is strictly forbidden.


Build-It-Yourself webcast leaders will expel any member who uses inappropriate language, posts violent content, or disrupts a workshop. The parents of that member will be notified via email.


Build-It-Yourself does not:
1) publish last names or addresses or contact information.
2) share member information with anyone.
(We incorporate a 3rd party ecommerce solution.
We believe our ecommerce vendor is secure and trustworthy.)

Build-It-Yourself studies privacy/safety regulations and is constantly reviewing its compliance with those regulations. Parents are encouraged to contact us at
to answer questions and concerns.

Parental Engagement

Parents are copied on all emails to members.

Parents are encouraged to sit in on our workshops and build with their kids.

Members are encouraged to discuss their projects with parents.