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Minecraft 101
Structures and Design
Build a state-of-the-art Minecraft laboratory where you can invent with like-minded builders until the cows come home.

Minecraft, one of the most popular computer video games ever, enables builders to exercise their creativity in ways not possible before. Building complex machines, designing logic systems, and creating imaginative structures are enabled in this 3D virtual world. Inventors will experience the thrill of building in a fun, artistic environment.

The Problem:
Advanced civilizations have Sphinx-like monuments, Taj Mahal-like structures, Google-like laboratories and Harry Potter like castles that inspire creative builders to invent amazing contraptions.

We are starting a new civilization called the Amaterasu. Our land is barren but it has a ton of potential.

The Mission:
Build an exotic laboratory full of way cool contraptions. Our laboratory must inspire friendlies with beautiful fountains, gardens, and structures.

Let's get started ...
Download set up instructions.

Super Powers You Will Acquire:
  Minecraft Basics
  Structures and Design
  Modular Construction


You'll Need:
Minecraft 101 & 102 Intro
Basic Minecraft Controls
Library of Minecraft Modules
Lesson Plan XLS
Redstone Basics
BIY Server Management
Minecraft Workshop Setup
Admin Command Guide

Hall of Fame:

Parrot made by Salvador and Rodrigo

Spongebob made by Darian

Castle made by Brent and Tim

Download this Concord Academy MC101 world (July 17).

Download this Concord Academy MC102 world (July 24).

Download this Concord Academy MC103 world (Aug 7).

Instructions to install a Minecraft world on your computer

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