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Minecraft 102
Redstone Engineering

The Minecraft Redstone Engineering program focuses on the use of Redstone logic elements and applications of Boolean algebra. This workshop is designed for intermediate Minecraft builders who have a Minecraft account and have created at least 3 Minecraft projects.

Become an engineering hero in the world of Minecraft. Join our crew now!

Skills you will exercise:
Digital logic design | Modular construction techniques | Teamwork | Defender of creative thinking

The Problem:
The clash of civilizations is a recurring theme in human history. Often when a civilization flourishes, there have been evil doers who want to destroy that civilization and keep the world in darkness.

The Mission:
Develop the engineering skills needed to build secret doors, traps, defense systems.

Then test your defense systems to see if other teams can find your inventions and treasures.

Fortress Specs:
Locked Door - You must be smart enough to solve a puzzle before you can enter.

Smart Enterance - Distinguish between friendlies and mean ones.

Secret Passageways and Traps - Create a maze that will confuse the Black Shadow invaders and trigger nasty traps.

Cool Contraptions - Once your defense systems are in place we will build parkour games and roller coasters.

Super Powers You Will Acquire:
  Digital Logic Design - Redstone
  Strategic Thinking
  Modular Construction


You'll Need:
Library of Minecraft Modules
Lesson Plan XLS
Rookie Mission
Hot Shot Mission - V2
Hot Shot Mission - V1
Guru Mission
Redstone Basics
BIY Server Management

Hall of Fame:

Rail Oscillator by Max.

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