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Art of Cooking - Just Desserts
It's tough to be a dessert these days.

Between the nutritionists, TV doctors, dental hygienists and, of course, Moms and Dads, it's a wonder you can get a decent brownie, banana split or slice of apple pie when you need one. If it weren't for Grandmas and Grandpas, whipped cream topping would have nothing to top off. And when's the last time you saw a tart, baklava or tiramisu served in the lunch line?

Sure, dessert has always been at the very end of the menu. But throughout history, that was a position of honor. When the hungry masses of 18th century Paris politely requested a bit of French cuisine, Queen Marie Antoinette didn't offer up kale or broccoli. "Let them eat cake!" she whole-heartedly tweeted.

And, without question, dessert has always been the prettiest and best-dressed of the menu courses. Lately, however, these sweet meal closers have lost their panache, their style, their fashion-sense.

Yep, it just seems like dessert has gotten a bum rap and a bad rep. Isn't it time some smart cookies came to the rescue? Can't we make desserts that are good for you, taste great and look fantastic, too?



The Problem:
Most desserts have too much sugar and fat, and they can use a serious makeover to boot!

The Mission:
Become a world-famous dessert chef. Make knock-your-socks-off treats that are:
-Gooooood look'n

Super Powers You Will Acquire:
Power Point Guru
Culinary Artist
Master Chemical Engineer
Hot Shot Chef

You'll Need:
Desserts Introduction (PPT)
Desserts 1 and 2 (PPT)
Desserts 3 (PPT)
Desserts 4 (PPT)
Desserts 5 (PPT)
The Tools and Supplies (TXT)
Lesson Plan (XLS)

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