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Nature Engineering:
Archimedes, DaVinci, Bell, Tesla, Edison, Ford, Eiffel, Wozniak, Gates - just a handful of the men whose names are regularly included on lists of the greatest engineers who ever lived.

But each of these men would readily agree that the greatest engineer of all time wasn't a man at all. The first, and greatest of all engineers, was a woman. We all know her as Mother Nature - "Mom" to her closest friends - and her list of engineering feats is impressive, to say the least.

The Problem:
Are humans interfering with nature's plan? Maybe we can learn a lot from the way animals and plants operate.

The Mission:
Build and environment where nature, art and technology can live in harmony.

In the Build-It-Yourself Jungle Garden we will pretend to be:

  • bees building a honey comb to store food
  • birds building a nest home
  • ants digging a tunnel
  • plants growing a structure that will not bend or break in the wind


Super Powers You Will Acquire:
  Power Point Guru
  Problem Solver
  Modular Builder
  Team Player
  Nature Engineer

You'll Need:
  Project Introduction PPT
  BIY Jungle Garden
  Lesson Plan XLS
  Part, tools and supplies

Hall of Fame:
We need your help to add inspirations to our Nature Engineering Hall of Fame.

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