We're looking for a few advanced builders ages 14 - 18 who have demonstrated a passion for art, computers and technology to join our Advanced Builder Program.

Develop the skills and portfolio of projects that will put you in a position to:

  1. Get into schools of your choice.
  2. Teach Build-It-Yourself workshops when in college.
  3. Join the Build-It-Yourself development team when in college.

Advanced Builders cultivate advanced technical skills, while working with our Development Team of art and engineering students from MIT, Cornell, Mass Art and other well-known universities. Teams of advanced builders, engineers, artists and programmers develop projects designed to achieve the educational and business goals of Build-It-Yourself.

Advanced builders get multi-discipline exposure to product development including product specifications, user interface design, system architecture, graphics, testing, and project management. Advanced builders will also be exposed to the business side of Build-It-Yourself including market definition, promotion material development, and feedback analysis.

Advanced builders become competent in the art of presenting ideas. Advanced builders have presented Build-it-Yourself projects at education conferences in Paris, Mexico, Vienna, MIT and the Museum of Science.

Advanced builders meet weekly (Saturdays or Sundays) in one-hour webcasts during the school year and are invited to spend a week or more during the summer working with our developers at the Build-It-Yourself Lab in Cambridge, MA.

Advanced Builder Program Trailer
By Advanced Builders: Neena, Andrew, David, and Nathan.

Advanced Builder Program Trailer
By Advanced Builders: Gabriel, Bernardo, Jesus, Mario, José María and Andrea.