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Advanced Builder Program

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    Personal Website Development
    PowerPoint, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, MySQL, Notepad ++
    1. Travis
    2. Neena
    3. Val
    Music Video Creation
    PowerPoint, Scratch, Audacity, Movie Maker, Metro, iMovie, Logic Pro
    1. Bulgarian Folk Song - Val, Johnathan and David
    2. Simple Man Music Video - Val, Johnathan and David
    Marketing Materials Development
    PowerPoint, Scratch, Audacity, Blender 3D, Social Media
    1. Invention Universe Scratch Trailer - Neena, Andrew, David, Nathan
    2. Intern Program Trailer 2015 - Gabriel Ibarra, Bernardo Estrada, Jesus Librado, Mario Dada, José María Casas and Andrea Zamudio.
    3. Invention Universe PPT Storyboard - Neena, Andrew, David, Nathan
    4. Social Media, Facebook Promotion - Ayla, Svilen
    PowerPoint, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, GitHub, Wiki, Gimp
    1. Platform Development - Val, Michael, Jonathan, Travis, Nick
    2. Content Development - David, Daniel, Nick
      UID: member | PWD: RobotSushi1
    Invention Universe
    PowerPoint, PHP, MySQL, Flash/Flex, HTML5, GitHub, Wiki, Photoshop, Gimp,
    1. Platform Development - Val, Daniel
    2. Content Development -
    Course Development
    PowerPoint, Scratch, LEGO, Minecraft, Java,
    1. Minecraft - Andrew, Neel, Leland, Phineas
    2. The Art of Cooking
    Problem Solving Skills Analysis
    PowerPoint, Excel, Scratch
    1. Problem Solving Skill Game - Carolyn, Benjamin
    Graphic Design
    3D Blender, Gimp
    1. 3D Graphics - Travis, Daniel
    Unity Mobile Game App Development
    JavaScript, Unity 3D, Blender 3D, Audacity
    1. Platform Game - Carolyn, David, Neena, Andrew, Travis
    2. Rolling Ball Game - Alex
    JavaScript Game Development
    1. Memory Game - Andrew, David, Neena, Michael
    LESS, CSS & jQuery
    1. Trivia Game - Daniel
    Python Game Development
    1. RPG Game - Andrew, David, Neena, Michael
    Ruby on Rails Game Development
    1. Image Recognition Game - Neena, Daniel, Ayla, Nick, Gabriel

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