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Advanced Builder Program

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You must be ...

  1. between the ages 14 - 18.
  2. invited based on a demonstrated passion for art and technology.
  3. from the planet earth ... Interns have come from Massachusetts, Virginia, Nebraska, California, China, Mexico, Bulgaria and England.

During the school year, interns meet weekly with our development team in our Webcast room for an hour on Saturday's or Sunday's. (30+ hours per year) During the summer, interns are invited to spend a week or more at the Build-It-Yourself lab in Cambridge, MA. (30+ hours per year) We encourage interns to do work outside of our meetings if it does not conflict with school work. Any extra work interns may do is voluntary.

Application Process:

  1. We invite you to join a few webcasts before a commitment is made.
  2. Complete and submit the Intern Application (Word)

Annual Tuition:

Intern Program Presentation (PowerPoint)

Intern Program Application / Agreement (Word)

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