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Vienna, Austria
August 2014

Vienna, Austria
August 2014
Nick, Dan, David

Poster Proposal
Workshop Proposal

Universal Village Conference
MIT Stata Center, June, 2014

Universal Village Conference
MIT Stata Center, June, 2014
Peter, Dana, Jonathan

PowerPoint Presentation
YouTube Presentation

Universal Village Conference
MIT Stata Center, June, 2014
Peter, Dana, Jonathan with the
Minister of Education from Ghana

August 16- 20, 2010
The American University of Paris

Build-It-Yourself Paris Presentation Team Leader, Aditi Dugar, is a junior at Cornell University studying mechanical engineering.  Jonathan and Carolyn are Build-It-Yourself advanced builders.


Jonathan teaching the teachers ...

August 11-14, 2010
MIT Media Lab

Build-It-Yourself presentation of Scratch Robots for < $30 and Skill Measuring Games.


Build-It-Yourself advanced builders Connor and Benjamin present their projects to educators from around the world.

October 2008
Colegio Las Hayas
Xalapa, Mexico

Senorita Garcia, technology instructor, and her students from Colegio Las Hayas.


Build-It-Yourself specialist, Liu Huan, MIT class of 2010 studying computer science and advanced builder, Jonathan, present a Webcast workshop to over 500 educators from Latin America.
Build-It-Yourself advanced builder, Jeronimo, demonstrates a group of computer controlled puppets at the SOMECE conference.

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