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Wey-Wey - Workshop Leader
Cornell, BS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2017
Hobbies: Volleyball and soccer, violin and piano, trying new things on my own!
Heroes: Lionel Messi, who is the best even though he's short! George Washington, who turned down a chance to be king. Crush from Finding Nemo, who knows how important to relax, even in the face of a strong current!
Least favorite thing to do: Homework...
Hansika - Workshop Leader
Cornell, BS Fiber Science and apparel Design, 2019
Favorite heroes: people who buy me food, Coco Chanel, Dorothy Parker, Meryl Streep
Favorite hobbies: dancing, baking and eating the things I bake
Skills wanted: user experiencedesign/computer programming, roller skating stunts
Favorite quote: "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity" - Dorothy Parker
Website: hi53.myportfolio.com
Nataly - Workshop Leader
Cornell, BS Computer Science, 2020
Hobbies: Watch feel good movies, eat sweets, taekwondo
Heroes: My parents
Least favorite thing to do: Clean after I bake
Skills wanted: Be in two places at once
Favorite quote: "It always seems impossible until it is done" -Nelson Mandela
Brent Scione - Workshop Leader / Developer
School: YouTube & Google!
Hobbies: Wrestling, 3D graphics, Web design, Business, Drawing
Heroes: Akira Toriyama, Japanese artist
Quote Fav:  "Change is the only constant." - Heraclitus
Personal Website
Wen - Operations Manager
San Francisco Academy of Arts, MFA 2015
Boston University, Masters in Arts Administration 2017
Hobbies: See the world/universe, fine art, keep fit
Heroes: Mom&Dad, Steven Hawking, Mattew Barney, art history professor
Favorite cities: Reykjavik, Berlin, Hangzhou
Daniel González - Workshop Leader / Developer
School: Electrical engineering, University of Veracruz 2019
Hobbies: Computer Programming, Play music
Website 2014
Julian Ledoux - Workshop Leader
School: BFA 2016 - School of the Museum of Fine Arts

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