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'Projectware' Teaching Tools
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These Power Point presentations may be used for Build-It-Yourself creative robotics program proposals or for teaching a variety of basic building and problem solving skills.

Please contact biysupport@gmail.com for password.

Power Point Lab Book Template
Completed Lab Book

  1. Introduction
  2. Presenting Ideas
  3. Choose and Use Tricks
  4. Premium Quality Junk
  5. Problem Solving Tricks
  6. Measures of Success
  7. Order vs. Chaos (File Management)
  8. Storylines
  9. Project Management
  10. Construction

  11. Gear Trains
  12. Modular Construction
  13. Tool Rules
  14. Drawing

  15. Vector Graphics
  16. PowerPoint Drawing
  17. Cartoon Faces
  18. Hard Head Characters
  19. Drawing Graffiti
  20. Animated Gif's
  21. Animation
  22. Programming

  23. Program Primatives
  24. Programming with Robolab
  25. HTML Project Website
  26. Trouble Shooting