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Catapult Engineering Overview:

Build-It-Yourself is looking for some hot shot engineers to build the mother of all catapults.
Chuck a pumpkin across the field. Toss candy across the room and test your buddy’s skill at catching it in his mouth.

The Problem:

Imagine that your buddies are under siege by the vilest of vile villains.

The Mission:

You will need to chuck them some candy and soda via your state-of-the-art catapult.

Umongous Catapult Video

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Power Point Guru
  • Problem Solver
  • Modular Builder
  • Team Player</>
  • Catapult Engineer

You’ll Need:

Hall of Fame:

Trebuchet catapult at Concord Academy by Owen, Avery, Leo and Colin.

Hall of Fame:

Slingshot catapult at Concord Academy by Salvador and Jonah.