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IU-V3-2020 (React, AWS Version)

IU-V2-2017 (HTML5 Version)

IU-V1-2009 (Flash Version)


Invention Universe gives kids an opportunty to display their portfolio of projects to friends, family and school admission officers.

Invention Universe is a building community for playful inventors that is inspired by YouTube, MySpace and the computer game Spore.

Explore Invention Universe. You collect gold coins for
1) creating your planet,
2) posting your projects,
3) solving challenges, and
4) mentoring others.

With your gold coins, you can design or 'buy' a rocket to go faster and further. You will be able to order parts, tools and supplies from a fulfillment partner.

Each Build-It-Yourself member can create his or her own planet.

A member's planet may have:
1. alien avatars,
2. creator's profile or spec's
3. skill set
4. museum of personal projects and inventions.

When you land on a planet, you are greeted by the member's avatar alien.

Sign up for live Webcast workshops that inspire and guide you to create the project of the month.

IU-V4 Wish List
1. Create privacy levels.
2. Create point system for challenges and usage.
3. Make mobile friendly.
4. Add community features.
5. Enhance planet landscapes customization.
6. Admin editing.
7. Admin reports.
8. Add news and ad screens.
9. Add eCommerce

Liu Huan, MIT, President - Mujin China
Jaime McKiernan, Mass Art, Art Director - Harmonix
Hearson Zhou, Purdue, Developer - Apple
Will Chou, Cornell, Project Mgr - Google
Su Yao, Northeastern, Product Mgr - Puegeot Robotics
Lucian Covarrubias, MIT
Michael Lu, MIT, Developer - Starlink
Mariana Barradas, Universidad Veracruzana - BS Architecture, MS Education
Tomisin Ogunfunmi, MIT, Developer - Facebook
Yilin Lu, Cornell, Developer - Twitter

Ari Casas
Andy Nguyen
Xinyue Duan

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