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Flying Machines Overview:

Build-It-Yourself is recruiting a few smart builders to be part of an advanced aero-space development team.

Since the beginning of time, humans have dreamed about flying or getting from one place to another faster than anyone else.

Mission Introduction Video

Rocket Men Videos

Epic Failure vs. Sweet Success

Lab Book from Hot Shot Kid Builders

The Problem:

Traveling in today’s flying machines is expensive and time consuming.

The Mission:

Your mission is to design, build and test a next-generation, cool-looking flying machine that could get you to school in 1 minute.

Think of all the extra computer game time you would have if it only took you a minute to get to and from school!

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Power Point Guru
  • Problem Solver
  • Master of Presentations
  • Creative, Modular Builder of
    • Paper airplanes
    • Gliders
    • Air-powered rockets
    • Space ships of the future
  • Aeronautical Physicist

You’ll Need:

Hall of Fame:

Paper airplane

Hall of Fame:


Click to see it in action.

Hall of Fame:

Air powered rocket

Click to see it in action.

Hall of Fame:

Air powered glider

Hall of Fame:

Next generation space ship