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Experimental Theater Overview:

Build-It-Yourself is recruiting a few hot shot artists and engineers to pioneer a new form of contemporary art using computer controlled puppets.

Mission Introduction Video

The Problem:

TV is soooooo boring

The Mission:

Your mission is to inspire a new way of thinking about theater and entertainment. You must write, direct, and present an animatronic production that will make your audience laugh and think.
Good vs. Evil
Happy vs. Sad
Rich vs. Poor

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Power Point Guru
  • Problem Solver
  • Hot Shot Scratch Programmer
  • Creative Genius

You’ll Need:

Hall of Fame:

Exotic Dancer

Hall of Fame:

This good guy turns into a bad boy when you give him a bunch of money.


Scratch Control Program

Hall of Fame:

Minecraft Character

Hall of Fame:

Puppet Lineup

Hall of Fame:

Editing the Dragon


Hall of Fame:

Programming the Dragon

Hall of Fame:

The Lab Book

Hall of Fame:

Presenting Problem Solving Tricks


Lab Books
Scratch Programs
 Kevin, Micky, Eric, Jay
PPT Lab Book 
Scratch Program 
 Simon, Jerry, Jack, Able
PPT Lab Book 
Scratch Program 
 Mike, Marvin, Colin, Leo
PPT Lab Book 
Scratch Program 
 Tony, Peter, Carl and Vincent
PPT Lab Book