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Friendly Dragon Overview:

Make peace, not war!   Build-It-Yourself is recruiting a few clever engineers and diplomats who can help us design a dragon robot that knows how to make friends.

The Problem:

The world is burdened with wars that are often the result of illogical prejudice. Imagine you are a dragon that wants to live in peace. But everyone is trying to slay you just because you look like a dragon. Of course, you’d be mean!

The Mission:

Design, build and present a dragon that can make friends.

If we want to live in a land free of meanness, the cycle of prejudice and counter-prejudice must be stopped!

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Power Point Guru
  • Problem Solver
  • Master of Presentations
  • Creative Constructionist
  • Modular Builder
  • Diplomat

You’ll Need:

  • Introduction (PPT)
  • Lesson Plan (XLS)
  • Software & Supplies (XLS)
  • Order Supplies
  • Premium Quality Junk

Hall of Fame:

Eat tofu, not dragon meat!

Hall of Fame:

Friendly dragon who gives you candy!

Hall of Fame:

Friendly dragon made from premium quality junk.

Hall of Fame:

Friendly dragon made from a squash.