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Inventor-Entrepreneur Overview:

This workshop is designed to take you down the path of Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and other inventor entrepreneurs who have changed the world. You will start with a junk yard full of discarded contraptions. Your mission is to repurpose the junk to make it do something useful. As Thomas Edison said, “To be an inventor, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

The Problem:

There are problems in the world that threaten our lives. Economic meltdowns, environmental catastrophes, nasty diseases, humongous wars, … The world needs a new generation of problem solvers to fix the world that generations before you have made a mess of.

The Mission:

Your mission is to design, build and present a contraption that solves a big problem.

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Power Point Guru
  • Problem Solver
  • Modular Builder
  • Team Player
  • How to Rule the World
  • How to Make a Fortune

You’ll Need:

  • Project Introduction (PPT)
  • Lesson Plan (XLS)
  • Part, tools and supplies
  • Order Supplies

Hall of Fame:

We need your help to add inspirations to our Nature Engineering Hall of Fame.