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RC Pirate Boats Overview:

You and your team will need to build a crew of ugly, nut head pirates from an assortment of nuts, foam rubber, feathers, and cloth. Program your crew to move using our Build-It-Blocks library of robotics motion modules!

You will also build your very own pirate boat to hide your treasure and house your crew! Are you prepared to navigate the dangerous ocean?

Click to see a ship in action!

Speak like a pirate!

The Problem:

Some people complain that the rich are too rich and the poor are too poor.

The Mission:

Your mission is to search the seas for fat bankers have too much money and redistribute the wealth.

Once you find them use your mennacing ships and pirate talk to help convince them to share the wealth!

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Power Point Guru
  • Problem Solver
  • Master of Presentations
  • Creative, Modular Builder
  • Hot Shot Programmer
  • Pirating

You’ll Need:

Hall of Fame:

The ugly, nut head pirate crew!

Hall of Fame:

Davin made sails from cheese cloth died in tea to make them look weathered.

Hall of Fame:

Max made the captain’s cabin from Popsicle sticks glued around two 4″ round raisin container lids. Inside the cabin is a treasure map and a bottle of whiskey on a table.

Hall of Fame:

Scary Sea Monster!

Hall of Fame:

Ben, Esam and Rowan made a deserted island. A bird circles the island and the mermaid waves to admiring sailors.