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Political Campaign Overview:

Robot for president.

Imagine a robot that demonstrates heroic qualities, a robot that makes the world rock!

The Problem:

Double-talking politicians are mucking up the works.  It’s our duty to rescue the world from these nit wits!

The Mission:

Design, build and manage a robot to run in a campaign for President of the Universe.

Think about the interests of the citizens of our Universe. What could your robot do that would win their votes?

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

 Power Point Guru
 Problem Solver
 Master of Presentations
 Creative Constructionist
 Modular Builder
 Honorable Politician

You’ll Need:

 Project Introduction PPT
 Lesson Plan XLS
 BIY Inventor’s Box
 Premium Quality Junk

Hall of Fame:

Cyrus’ candidate tips his hat to earn votes.

Hall of Fame:

Natasha believes a candidate that looks really weird will be remembered.

Natasha went to Harvard.

Hall of Fame:

Katy’s candidate is after the the male voters.

Katy went to Yale.