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Fruit Critters Overview:

Progress is often the result of thinking beyond what most folks think.

For example, if we thought fruits and vegetables were only for eating, we never would have invented powerful medicines, beautiful musical instruments, efficient lubricants and the all- important food fight!

The Problem:

The world needs more creative thinkers to fix the messes past generations have left us.

The Mission:

Your mission is to find new ways of using funny-looking fruits and veggies that will make people laugh and think.

Think outside the box!

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Power Point Guru
  • Outside-the-box Thinker
  • Creative Sculptor
  • Modular Constructor
  • Celebrity Story Teller

You’ll Need:

Hall of Fame:

Professor Turnip, the scholar

Fresh off the turnip wagon.

You could put a long pencil in a tin can, fill it full of dirt and then stick the pencil into the turnip head.

The heavier or more secure the base, the heavier the head it can support.

Hall of Fame:

Pear Beware, the principal

Eyes are important. Eyes often dictate the soul of your critter. Bigger eyes can tell bigger stories.

Hall of Fame:

Gorgeous Garlic, Ms. World

Feathers and scraps of colorful cloth work well to dress up your characters.

Thomas Edison said, “To invent, you need a good imagination and lots of junk.”

Hall of Fame:

Don’t mess with da Judge

A coyote squash head, a chestnut nose and a few weeds from the backyard can make for a mean lookin’ critter. See how far you can stretch your imagination. Break the mold. Think about using stuff like no one else uses it.

Some scraps of black and white cloth are draped over a tuna fish can. This makes a stable mount for the head.

Hall of Fame:

Limona the Opera Singer