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Robots that Earn Money Overview:

Build-It-Yourself is looking for a few hotshot inventors and entrepreneurs to fix the global economy. 

Video – LEGO WeDo

Video – LEGO RCX 

The Problem:

The global economy has tanked!
The capitalists say, “Too many lazy no-gooders are looking for free rides. Not enough people are building.”
The socialists say, “There are too many greedy, scurrilous scoundrels and vile villains.”

The Mission:

Your mission is to build machines that:

  • create value,
  • make life better,
  • provide a service,
  • set the world straight and

Deposit a quarter in a coin sensor and this fortune teller will spin your future with only a 75% margin for error.

You’ll Need:

Hall of Fame:

Value Proposition # 1

Max, 2003

Max grossed $27.25 in one day with this slot machine and candy dispenser. Profit after taxes and expenses was 97% of gross … better than Microsoft!

Max calculated the probability of candy payouts to ensure profitability and win the loyal support of his investor Dad.

Hall of Fame:

Value Proposition # 2

Herman, 2004

25 cents will get you a big wet kiss … popular with the girls!

Herman is working on a dollar bill detector so he can test what the market will bear and maximize his revenue.

Click to see it in action.

Hall of Fame:

Value Proposition # 3

Herman, 2005

When you feed this entrepreneur a quarter, it chomps, swallows and burps. Then it offers a peanut in exchange.

Best deal in all of Massachusetts!

Hall of Fame:

Value Proposition # 4

Herman, 2006

For only a quarter, this dude will play a tune and put a smile on your face.

For those who don’t have a quarter, Emily built a free Trial Button.