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Website Design Overview:

Homepage Sweet Homepage.

Got something important to say? Want to show off your latest invention, computer game or video? Like to sell a gazillion gizmos? Trying to keep the rest of your Super Hero buddies up to speed on your plans to foil Dr. Disaster’s diabolical deeds?

Crank up the bandwidth. We’re going viral and the hits will just keep on coming!

The Problem:

Aliens are scanning the universe for signs of intelligent life. If they find a civilization of dummies they will blow it to smithereens. If they find signs of intelligent life they may want to trade ideas, music and computer games.

The Mission:

Build a website that will make aliens want to make peace, not war. (And follow you on Instagram.)

Alien Life Video

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

  • Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Programming
  • Presentation
  • Dodging Dot Com Bubbles

You’ll need:

Winn Brook School
June 2015

Hall of Fame:

Hall of Fame:

Ayla’s website

Hall of Fame:

Travis’s website

Hall of Fame:

Val’s website

Hall of Fame:

John’s website