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Scratch Computer Games Overview:

If you want to be a hot shot game designer, this is a good place to start.

Design graphics for friendly dragons, super heroes and other wacky characters. Lay out fantasy settings. Record outrageous sound effects. Integrate all the components. Test the game with your friends and then post it on the Web for the world to play.

Mission Introduction Video

The Problem:

Are your parents making your life miserable … restricting your time playing games and socializing on the computer? Why do parents think computers are bad for you? How can computers help you?

The Mission:

Convince your parents that you will learn valuable skills while programming your own computer games and projects. You could make life-long friends from around the world. You could earn fame, fortune and happiness with your new skills.

The world needs you to help solve the messes your parents’ generation have created. You must convince your parents to give you a reasonable amount of time to learn the computer skills you’ll need to be a player in tomorrow’s high-tech world.

You’ll Need:

  • Open Scratch

    • Login
    • UID: biy1111
    • PWD: RobotSushi1
    • Must use Flash Enabled Browser

Hall of Fame

Space Adventure:

By Nicholas and Andy
Developed during an 8-week webcast workshop series, June ’12.
PPTX Lab Book

Scratch Game

Hall of Fame

Mini Games:

Candy Monster

Hall of Fame

Project Evolution:

Robot Control
Land on Planet
Directional Shooting
Timer and Content Database

Scratch Game Lab Book and Graphics

Hall of Fame

Quiz Games:

Test your smarts in the mother of all exams! We’re looking for some hot shot Scratch programmers to make a trivia game using Scratch lists.

Trivia Game

Hall of Fame

Boogie Birds:

Wanna dance? Cousin Elmer can show you some moves! This is a DDR-like game.

Power Point Graphics

Dance Game

Hall of Fame

Rocket Works Simulation RPG:

Earn a ton of money running a rocket company. This is a Tycoon game simulation.

Power Point Graphics

View or Download Project

Hall of Fame

Space Book:

Play mini games with aliens on exotic planets.

Made by Build-It-Yourself crew members 7 – 13 years.

View or Download Project

Hall of Fame:

Extreme Cuckoo Clock:

Watch the cuckoos show off their stuff on the hour.

Power Point Graphics

View or Download Project