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December 2, 2012
New Website Launched
Critters Applaud New Features

Build-It-Yourself unveiled a reformatted build-it-yourself.com website today, at a daybreak launch party attended by the host of oddly-shaped, oddly-dressed oddballs that call the Galactic Headquarters home.

Build-It-Yourself's Founder, President and Chief Critter and Contraption Creator, John Galinato, ceremoniously flipped the switch on the new site at 6:00 a.m. this morning at the BIY Laboratory in Cambridge - to the delight of the many bleary-eyed robotic creatures that had risen early for the dawn unveiling.

"This is the first step in a planned evolution of our web presence. It will eventually lead to a new and fully interactive online community for kids who love to build," Galinato announced. "The critters all seemed to like the new format."

Indeed, reviews from the invited androids, puppets and bots were almost universally positive, though one disgruntled remote-control pirate, whose head was fashioned from a dried turnip, expressed disappointment that his mug was not prominently displayed on the homepage. "Arrgh. It's always the dandies and the dames that git dere mug shots on da web pages," the grizzled buccaneer groused.

Bob Seiple, who is spearheading BIY's business development efforts, pointed out the information-rich features of the new website, commenting, "Visitors - both children and their parents - will now be able to get a solid understanding of all that Build-It-Yourself has to offer and will have an easy way to reach out to us and sign up for our building project Homecasts."

However,in a candid moment during an otherwise genial launch party, Seiple, who doubles as BIY's counter of beans and other sundry vegetables, did express some annoyance with the dogged grumbling of the pirate: "If that turnip-headed brigand doesn't quit his squawking, he's going to end up in tonight's soup."

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