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Robots that Earn Money (Scratch)

Build-It-Yourself is looking for a few hot shot inventors and entrepreneurs to fix the global economy. 

Wanna learn how to boggie for only 25 cents?
Check out this video.  

The Problem:

The global economy has tanked!

The capitalists say, "Too many lazy no-gooders are looking for free rides. Not enough people are building."

The socialists say, "There are too many greedy, scurrilous scoundrels and vile villains hoarding all the money."

The Mission:

Your mission is to build machines that:
create value,
make life better,
provide a service,
set the world economy straight and
earn a fortune!

Deposit a quarter in a coin sensor and this fortune teller will spin your future with only a 75% margin for error.

You'll need:

PowerPoint Project Introduction PPTX
Lesson Plan XLS
Software and Supplies List XLS
Software and Supplies List PPTX
Problem Solving Tricks
Presenting Ideas
Gear Trains
Modular Construction

Hall of Fame:
Value Proposition #1
Submit your solutions for the Build-It-Yourself Money Robots Hall of Fame.

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