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Towers of Power:

Humans like to build symbols that represent smarts, strength and beauty. Do you have what it takes to design and build the mightiest Towers of Power in the land?

Lab Book

The Problem:

Advanced civilizations want to be inspired. But too often, our towers are …

The Mission:

Build strong, tall, beautiful Towers of Power.

Inspire others!

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

- Power Point Guru
- Problem Solver
- Master of Presentations
- Creative Designer
- Structural Engineer

You'll Need:

- Introduction (PPT)
- Lesson Plan (XLS)
- Software & Supplies (XLS)

Hall of Fame:

Contemporary Art Tower by Wen:
Symbolizes peace and prosperity.

Hall of Fame:

23 Books by Memo and Ale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ale and Memo used just 9 sheets of printer paper to build 3 star columns. Just like the ancient Greeks did! The result - a record number of books supported more than 8 inches above the table.

Check out Ale's Lab Book

You must see this video to believe it!

Hall of Fame:

A tower that telescopes to touch the 10.4 foot cieling at the Build-It-Yourself Laboratory by John.

Uses 25 sheets of printer paper.

Can you build taller with less sheets of paper?

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