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Formidable Forts Overview:

Humans have a nasty history of wanting what others have.

Do you have what it takes to design and build the most formidable fort in the land to protect your treasures?

Lab Book

The Problem:

The world is in chaos!
Evil doers are stealing everyone’s candy.

The Correctocrats say, “Can’t we all just get along?"

The Mighticans say, “Survival of the fittest. We must must be strong!“

The Middletarians say, “Give me candy or give me death!”

The Mission:

Build a mighty castle that can protect the Queen’s candy.

You must build a fort from cardboard boxes, plastic trash bags, scraps of wood and other premium quality junk.

You must defend your position from scurrilous scoundrels who want to take your candy. Be warned! They may be armed with wet projectiles, stink bombs, and slanderous insults.

Super Powers You Will Acquire:

1) Power Point Guru
2) Problem Solver
3) Master of Presentations
4) Creative Designer
5) Structural Engineer
6) History of War Expert

You'll Need:

1) Introduction (PPT)
2) Lesson Plan (XLS)
3) Software & Supplies (XLS)

Hall of Fame:

World War III The Queen's candy
Be smart and be strong.
Look cool.
And eat candy until your teeth rot.

View the battle at the Concord Academy Summer Camp.

Hall of Fame:

View the preparations at the Concord Academy Summer Camp.

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